Laboratory of Applied Proteomics Research

Proteomics is a field of research that comprehensively analyze the proteins, which are the actual players in biological activities, and is widely used in research to elucidate biological phenomena, pathogenesis, mechanisms of action of drugs and discover biomarkers. Proteomics technologies have made significant progress in recent years, and it is now possible to simultaneously analyze more than 10,000 proteins from mammalian cells and tissues.

Our laboratory aims to translate cutting-edge proteomics technologies into practical applications in various fields, particularly in the medical field, such as disease diagnosis. Numerous technological developments are essential for practical applications, but based on the experience gained in the development of proteomics technologies, we are working on research and development with the goal of social implementation.

In fact, we have developed technologies for both sample preparation and LC-MS analysis in proteome analysis and established a world-leading deep proteome analysis system. Furthermore, this advanced proteomics technology has successfully applied to dried blood spots to develop a screening test system for hundreds of genetic diseases. In the future, the screening test system will be promoted for social implementation in industry-academia-government collaboration.

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Yusuke Kawashima
Group Leader
Proteomics, Analytical chemistry, Biophysics

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