Facility for Clinical Omics Analysis

Since the foundation of our institute, one of our primary concerns has been how we could contribute to the improvement of public health through our research on human genomics/genetics. Based on the initial ten years of research activities and subsequent years of collaborations with researchers at universities and national institutions, our institute launched a new project in 2017, in which our research accomplishments of various sorts and methodological improvements accumulated are to be returned to the society in one way or another.

Facility for Clinical Omics Analysis was thus established in accordance with the project and we newly began to carry out omics analysis of human clinical samples by using the technologies and related expertise we have acquired. Since our omics analysis and the data we subsequently obtain should in general contain the personal information of individual subjects, our facility was constructed at an independent site away from the main building of the institute, thereby leak out of privacy information might largely be avoided on the occasion of mistakes in handling samples as well as in the case of unexpected accidents.

Osamu Ohara
Facility Director
Biophysics, Clinical omics