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Genome Sequence: Jcr4U29398
Results of Blast2 searches (The best-hits are tabulated.):
database Accession Score Iden
trembl C0LE64_9ROSI 620 100.0 100.0 (tr|C0LE64) DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta'' OS=Jatropha curcas GN=rpoC2 PE=3 SV=1
Arabidopsis_pep ATCG00170.1 513 86.3 91.7 | Symbols: RPOC2 | DNA-directed RNA polymerase family protein | chrC:15938-20068 REVERSE LENGTH=1376
soybean_pep Glyma02g38600.1 233 75.9 85.5  
Medicago_pep IMGA|Medtr4g051120.1 460 86.3 92.4 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta'' (AHRD V1 ***- Q8HVY3); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR012756 DNA-directed RNA polymerase, subunit beta'' chr04_pseudomolecule_IMGAG_V3.5 15117779-15113443 E EGN_Mt100125 20100825
grape_pep GSVIVT01030958001 57.4 70.3 86.5  
castor_bean_cds 29923.m000786 1193 94.6 94.6 DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta chain, putative
castor_bean_pep 29923.m000786 493 91.1 94.1 DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta chain, putative
JAT_unigene contig00003 1800 99.9 99.9 length=10213 numreads=756 gene=isogroup00001 status=ig_thresh
A list of protein families, domains and functional sites (searches in InterPro)
Jcr4U29398.20 length: 303 aa.
IPR007081 RNA polymerase Rpb1, domain 5
method AccNumber shortName E-value location
Molecular Function GO:0003677 DNA binding    
Molecular Function GO:0003899 DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity    
Biological Process GO:0006351 transcription, DNA-dependent    
HMMPfam PF04998 RNA_pol_Rpb1_5 6.6e-07 123-208
HMMPanther PTHR19376 FAMILY 2.8e-73 106-302
HMMPanther PTHR19376:SF33 DNA-DIRECTED 2.8e-73 106-302
superfamily SSF64484 beta 9.3e-46 50-268