For researchers, engineers and students

At our institute, we are actively performing genome analysis and related research in various fields of plant and medical sciences and have published the results obtained in many articles in top-grade international scientific journals. To carry out these activities smoothly and efficiently, sophisticated equipments of various sorts along with computer systems with advanced functionality are of prime importance for us.

Mission 1

Based on the genomic data and related information we obtained through our extensive research activities, Department of Frontier Research and Development plays a central role in further development of advanced technologies and their applications for plant breeding and human medicine.

Mission 2

Department of Applied Genomics offers analysis of genes, genomes, and biomolecules in general on either the contract or the collaboration basis.

Mission 3

We have constructed several databases interrelated with each other for genomes and cDNA sequence data as well as biomolecular information along with useful tools for their analysis.

Mission 4

We support publication of an international scientific journal DNA Research which publishes high quality articles reporting on broad aspects of DNA- and genome-related research activities.