Kazusa ORFeome Project
     In the post-genomic era, interest is shifting from comprehensive identification of protein-coding genes to functional and structural analyses of the proteins encoded on the genome. Although we have identified and sequenced more than 2000 cDNAs for human genes, each of which was designated as “KIAA” plus a four-digit number, many of them remain to be experimentally annotated 1.

     Expression-ready cDNA clones derived from genes, where the open reading frame (ORF*) of the gene of interest is placed under the control of an appropriate promoter, are critical tools for functional characterization of the gene products. Moreover, in some cases, it is necessary to produce affinity tag-fusion proteins to manipulate structurally and chemically diverse proteins in a general approach suitable for large-scale proteomic analysis. Therefore, we started to prepare a set of defined protein-expression clones for as many human genes as possible including KIAA genes by a method called “ORFeome cloning”. The number of expression-ready clones will increase and be an invaluable resource for the advancement of molecular biology and medical science.
*Although ORF is different from the protein-coding sequence (CDS) by definition, we hereafter use ORF rather than CDS for protein-coding sequence to avoid unnecessary confusion.
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Collection of Flexi Clones (Updated, Nov 21, 2014)
Collection of Flexi HaloTag Clones (Updated, Nov 21, 2014)
Clones categorized into functional groups (Updated, May 31, 2010)

Other Human cDNA/ORF clone resources
    HUGE (Human Unidentified Gene-Encoded large proteins
    Containing KIAA cDNA clones. Please visit HUGE.

    OC (ORFeome Collaboration) clones
    As a member of OC, we started distributing the human ORF clones (OC clones) from the ORFeome collection.

Kazusa Mouse cDNA project

    Rouge (ROdent Unidentified Gene-Encoded large proteins)
    Mouse homologues of KIAA and FLJ cDNA clones. Please visit Rouge.

New site-specific recombination systems

    VCre/VloxP and SCre/SloxP system
    Please visit SSR.

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