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Although the human genome has been completely sequenced and is estimated to contain ~23,000 protein-coding genes, we are still very far from a full understanding of their biological functions. For a functional analysis of a protein-coding gene, it is preferred to clone only the ORF region into suitable vectors for protein expression. A genome-wide collection of such ORF clones, or so-called "ORFeome", is expected to be an indispensable resource for functional genomics.

From this point of view, The ORFeome Collaboration (OC) was founded in 2005 to promote the research community's collection and provision of a set of full-ORF human cDNA clones. The OC plans to collect at least one fully sequenced full-ORF clone for each of the ~18,500 currently defined human genes. A number of full-ORF mouse clones have also been provided.

As a member of OC, Kazusa DNA Research Institute started distributing the human ORF clones from the ORFeome collection, all of which were validated by our own quality check. We plan to increase the number of OC clones we distribute, while maintaining the high level of quality of the clones delivered to our customers. (July 8, 2008)

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