Project Summary

“Kazusa DNA Research Institute”, a research center for advanced genomic science, and “Chiba University”, a global center for education and research in immune system regulation and treatment, collaborate with the “RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology”, a basic research center contributing internationally to the field of immunology and allergology, to translate the results of basic research to clinical and industrial applications to overcome immunological and allergic diseases. This industry-academia-government collaboration aims at developing speedy and accurate diagnosis and selection of the best treatment method for the aforementioned diseases, and formation a biocluster to develop new industries. By combining advanced genome analysis technology with other technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, we formulate and carry out the following three research projects to achieve our goal.

Research Project 1
Establishment of the basis for advanced genome analysis technology and promotion of translational studies for conquering immunological and allergic diseases

Research Project 2
Research and development of biomarkers for predicting treatment efficacy and prognosis of refractory immune/allergy-related diseases

Research Project 3
Development and application of next-generation model mice for human diseases