Miyakogusa Predicted Gene

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Genome Sequence: Lj3.0_chr1
Results of Blast2 searches (The best-hits are tabulated.):
database Accession Score Iden
TrEMBL G7KUQ4_MEDTR 926 84.9 91.4 (tr|G7KUQ4) Coiled-coil domain-containing protein MTMR15 OS=Medicago truncatula GN=MTR_7g022220 PE=4 SV=1
TAIR_pep AT1G48360.2 671 64.5 78.2 | Symbols: | zinc ion binding;nucleic acid binding;hydrolases, acting on acid anhydrides, in phosphorus-containing anhydrides | chr1:17868661-17872946 FORWARD LENGTH=891
Medicago Medtr7g022220.1 935 87.1 93.7 | fanconi-associated nuclease-like protein | HC | chr7:7128425-7118967 | 20130731
Soybean Glyma18g52030.1 846 80.4 87.6  
LJGI --No_Hits--        
A list of protein families, domains and functional sites (searches in InterPro)
Lj1g3v3171150.1 length: 515 aa.
IPR014883 VRR-NUC domain
method AccNumber shortName E-value location
Molecular Function GO:0016788 hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds    
HMMPfam PF08774 VRR_NUC 2.9e-20 395-508
HMMSmart SM00990 no description 4.8e-21 392-509
HMMPanther PTHR15749 FAMILY 3.3e-202 1-509
HMMPanther PTHR15749:SF4 SUBFAMILY 3.3e-202 1-509
Putative transmembrane regions
  From To
TM segments
34 56
335 357
Lj1g3v3171150.1	nucl 6, cyto 4, nucl_plas 4
PTS1 (Peroxisome targeting signal type 1)
entry_id prediction score sppta spptna fp profile