Gene/Protein Characteristic Table for FXC01351


Product ID

HaloTag Clone PID

Original Clone PID

ORF Sequence
DNA sequence (1407 bp)
Protein sequence (469 aa)

Linker Type
Flexi type
The extra Val codon is attached to the 3'-end of the ORF, because a Pme I site ...

Cloning Site

GenBank Accession
ORF sequence is derived from [AB384883]


Alias : EGR-alpha, EGRA, TIEG, TIEG1

Kruppel-like factor 10

Original Clone ID

Features of the cloned ORF sequence

Length: 1407 bp
Restriction map A Restriction map B
Genomic Structure
Features of the protein sequence

Length: 469 aa
Result of homology search against nr database ( FASTA output, Multiple alignment)
Entry Exp ID% Protein Source
NP_001027453 9.9e-143 100.0 Krueppel-like f...
Homo sapiens
NP_005646 2.1e-142 100.0 Krueppel-like f...
Homo sapiens
AAX42667 2.2e-142 100.0 TGFB inducible ...
synthetic construct
XP_001154222 2.3e-142 99.6 Kruppel-like fa...
Pan troglodytes
XP_003256126 4.5e-142 99.4 Krueppel-like f...
Nomascus leucogenys

The numbers on the left and right sides of a black line in the graphical overview indicate the lengths (in amino acid residues) of the non-homologous N-terminal and C-terminal portions flanking the homologous region (indicated by the black line), respectively.
Result of motif / domain search (InterProScan and SOSUI)
[ zoom out (x2) ] PD000003 PD000003 PD000003 PF00096 PF00096 PF00096 SM00355 SM00355 SM00355 PS50157 PS50157 PS50157 PS00028 PS00028 PS00028

Result of InterProScan

Search method interpro_ID From To Entry Definition
BlastProDom IPR007087 358 383 PD000003 Zinc finger
IPR007087 388 413 PD000003 Zinc finger
IPR007087 418 440 PD000003 Zinc finger
HMMPfam IPR007087 358 382 PF00096 Zinc finger
IPR007087 388 412 PF00096 Zinc finger
IPR007087 418 440 PF00096 Zinc finger
HMMSmart IPR015880 358 382 SM00355 Zinc finger
IPR015880 388 412 SM00355 Zinc finger
IPR015880 418 440 SM00355 Zinc finger
ProfileScan IPR007087 358 387 PS50157 Zinc finger
IPR007087 388 417 PS50157 Zinc finger
IPR007087 418 445 PS50157 Zinc finger
ScanRegExp IPR007087 360 382 PS00028 Zinc finger
IPR007087 390 412 PS00028 Zinc finger
IPR007087 420 440 PS00028 Zinc finger

Result of homology search against disease genes in OMIM database
(FASTA output, Multiple alignment)
H_id H_len (aa) OMIM_No. ID (%) Q_ali/Q_len (%)
NP_001027453 469 601878 100.0 100.0
NP_005646 480 601878 100.0 99.8
NP_003588 512 603301,610508 61.9 98.1
XP_001129527 705 603301,610508 61.9 98.1
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