Kazusa DNA Research Institute was founded in 1994 and inaugurated its activity as the world's first institute specialized in DNA-related research. All members of the institute are highly motivated to continuously explore and widen DNA-related research fields, thereby contributing to our society in broad aspects of medicine, agriculture, industry and education.


Department of Applied Genomics
The principal role of our department is to evaluate the results of genome analysis and related technologies of Department of Frontier Research and Development as well as other groups of our institute and to systematically investigate how to utilize their achievements in medicine-, food-, agriculture- and environment-related industries.

Department of Frontier Research and Development
The primary role of our department is to explore and establish practical methodology in various fields of bioscience and biotechnology by making full use of the latest knowhow we have acquired. Through our daily activities, we are determined to lead research activities in individual fields we are concerned and provide the society with useful information of various sorts as much as possible.