In the post genome/sequencing era, a wide variety of "omics" approach has brought a plenty of useful information to the understanding of life processes. At the same time, to characterize many gene products in a high-throughput manner, various technology platforms have been developed and dramatically improved in these years. This meeting has been planned to cover a wide range of topics relating to functional genomics including micro-arry technology, chemical biology and integrated database as well as ORFeome project and advanced proteomics. The meeting will provide a very good opportunity to learn more about recent topics in functional genomics. Besides the oral presentations by invited speakers, facility has been prepared for poster presentations for those who wish to report on their recent achievements in relevant fields. We hope you will fully enjoy the meeting.

October 11th 2007-Octorber 12th 2007
Kazusa akademia center
hall 202 (map)
Deadline date: September 20th 2007
Accommodation (Japanese only)
Sponsored by
Kazusa DNA Research Institute and Kazusa Akademia Center
Industrial Support
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