Questionnaire on Plant GARDEN

Plant GARDEN (Genome And Resource Database Entry), a portal site for plant genomes and marker information, was developed with the support of the "Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP)” of the National Bioscience Database Center (NBDC) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and is operated mainly by Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

We would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions and let us know your opinions about and requests to improve Plant GARDEN.

Columns for which you do not have anything to fill in, please leave them blank.

The information you provide will be utilized only by the DICP.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

1. Please select the type of business you are in, selecting all applicable answers.

2. If possible, please provide the name of your company (institution) and your name.

Company (Institution):
Your name:
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3. Which plant species and plant family are you interested in?

Examples: Rice, Soybeans, Tomatoes

4. Do you have any requests to add plant species or genome assemblies to Plant GARDEN?
The species list on Plant GARDEN is at

Examples: Peanut, Tifrunner.gnm1.KYV3 (cv. Tifrunner)

5. Please select the kinds of information you are interested in, selecting all applicable answers.

☆Other (please add any supplementary information)

6. What is the purpose of your usage of the database?

Examples: To search for trait-related genes, to use for marker development, to obtain information on the parental information of a specific lineage, to obtain homologous genes of interest for each species.

7. Are you interested in registering your genomic/genetic information in Plant GARDEN when you publish it?

☆ Other (Please add any supplementary information)
Examples: “I have data that I want to register in Plant GARDEN right away.” "I'm not interested now, but I might be in the future.”

8. If you have any other comments or requests, please describe them in the form below.

Thank you for cooperating with us in providing your opinions about and requests to improve Plant GARDEN.

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