Evaluation of ORFeome clones
The ORFeome clones are subjected to the quality checks described below before shipping to the customers. The number of ORFeome clones we can provide will be gradually increased under our quality assurance standards.

  • Confirmation of the sequences of 3' end of ORF.

    3' end of each ORF is confirmed by single-pass sequencing using TempliPhi-amplified DNA (illustraTM TempliPhiTM DNA Sequencing Template Amplification Kit, GE Healthcare) and GatewaySeqL-B primer: GTAACATCAGAGATTTTGAGACAC.

    The sequences of the 100 bp of the 3' ends of ORFs are compared with those obtained from the corresponding Genbank entries after eliminating the flanking sequences.

    The ORFeome Collaboration at KDRI.