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Outline of our achievements

Public Relations

Our Aim

 Our aim is to inform the citizens of Chiba Prefecture about our research activities and outcomes, knowledge and worldwide movement regarding DNA research, and to explain what DNA is and how it is related to daily life. We intend actively to advertise our research activities to the public and professionals and, by selecting "hot topics", all of the institute members will cooperate to demonstrate experiments and give lectures to the public, as well as to students and teachers at high schools and universities. This will enhance their appreciation for the importance and current standing of DNA research.

Our Activities
  • Edit international scientific journal, DNA Research
    Published by Oxford University Press
    Impact Factor (2015) = 5.267
  • Publication of Newsletters (quarterly)
  • Official announcement of our research results
  • Conduct a tour of Institute for visitors
  • Hold memorial lectures for opening of Institute
  • Participation of scientific event
  • Support to science education regarding DNA


Takahiro Nagase team leader nagase at kazusa.or.jp
Kazuo Nagumo adviser nagumo at kazusa.or.jp
Kirhiko Hiraoka special researcher khiraoka at kazusa.or.jp