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Outline of our achievements

Plant DNA Analysis Group

About our research

Purpose of our research

 Kazusa DNA Research Institute has contributed to the world of research by successfully making genomic maps and deciphering the genomes of microorganisms and plant species. In an effort to maintain our DNA analysis technologies particularly those related to DNA marker (which is like a street address on the genome) at highest level in the world, we would continue to incorporate and develop cutting-edge technologies. Returning the technologies to the society is also challenged in many ways.

Characteristics of our research

  Kazusa DNA Research Institute is one of leading institutions of biological research in Japan, equipped with a large number of cutting-edge DNA analyzing machines and high-performance computers. By making full use of the equipment, members of our research group are running in the front line of the world, developing new technologies for genome sequencing and DNA marker development. As a nonprofit organization, we would actively make the research results open to public, and make careful support to the industry.

Expected fields of application

  Genetic information carried by living organisms is a common intellectual resource shared by human beings. We have made public a large amount of gene information of microorganisms and plant species by deciphering the genomes, and made them available to the society. To make use of our high-level DNA analyzing technologies and knowledge on plant genomes, we are collaborating with academic institutions in Japan and abroad, and also with private companies, either by joint research or doing DNA analyses on commission.


Yoshiki Naito group leader naito at kazusa.or.jp
Satoshi Tabata chief researcher tabata at kazusa.or.jp
Naoki Yokotani research staff yokotani at kazusa.or.jp
Yukari Nakajima special researcher yukarin at kazusa.or.jp