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Mass Spectrometry Team

About our research

Purpose of our research

  Metabolites (natural compounds) are widely used as food, medical supplies, industrial raw materials, etc. In mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolome analysis, data for the comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of many metabolites are obtained by mass spectrometry. We have already established a technology for metabolome analysis that can simultaneously discriminate a lot of metabolites, and then computationally process the data to construct metabolite databases that can be used in applied research.

Characteristics of our research

  We comprehensively analyze metabolites from various living organisms using two mass spectrometers, the Orbitrap-type MS (LC-LTQ-Orbitrap, ThermoFisher) and Quadrupole-type MS (GCMS-QP2010 Ultra, Shimadzu), in a non-targeted manner. Our metabolome analysis, along with statistical analyses of multiple biological samples, are performed using all spectrograms obtained; these data are then processed computationally using our analytical standalone Java software (PowerGet) or commercially available analysis software (SIEVE, ThermoFisher; Lipid Search, Mitsui Knowledge Industry). These elements are all provided as aspects of our metabolome analysis contract service.

Expected fields of application

  Our metabolome analysis technologies are potentially useful in any research field that concerns metabolites, e.g., agricultural chemistry, food chemistry, pharmaceutical science, and industrial raw material technology. We are planning to develop a consulting business focusing on metabolome analysis, taking advantage of the technology established from our experience and knowledge on mass analysis.


Hideyuki Suzuki team leader hsuzuki at kazusa.or.jp
Daisuke Nakajima research staff nakajima at kazusa.or.jp
Masaru Sato special researcher msato at kazusa.or.jp
Kazuto Mannen special researcher kmannen at kazusa.or.jp