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Outline of our achievements

Human DNA Analysis Group

About our research

Purpose of our research

 A major aim of our research is to solve health problems by taking advantage of the DNA sequencing capabilities accumulated at Kazusa DNA Research Institute. To this end, we are actively collaborating with industry, academia, and government to build a network of clinicians and to bridge the gap between the development of new technologies and medical applications.

Characteristics of our research

 Many research institutes have already made a wide range of efforts aimed at solving health-related problems. We consider that recent advances in DNA sequencing technology have generated both new opportunities and new challenges related to solving health problems and DNA analysis. With this in mind, we have placed special emphasis on forming collaborations with clinicians and industry, based on our research capabilities in DNA structural analysis.

Expected fields of application

 For more than 7 years, we have been accepting and analyzing DNA samples from patients with rare genetic diseases because these samples are not well taken care of in Japan. It is becoming widely recognized that the Kazusa DNA Research Institute is one of the most suitable institutions for such analyses, and this should ultimately improve the visibility of research at the Institute in society at large. In addition, in collaboration with industry, we are also promoting the commercial development of discoveries originating from nationally funded projects we performed to date.



Osamu Ohara group leader ohara at kazusa.or.jp
Junichi Hosokawa special researcher hosokawa at kazusa.or.jp