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Outline of our achievements

Genome Informatics Group

About our research

Purpose of our research

  Sequencing technologies have advanced rapidly in recent years. Our study is aimed at determining genome sequences and investigating the sequence differences among individuals. We expect that the genome sequences of plants (especially crop plants) will be applied to basic research and industrial fields, because this information can be used to select individuals with desirable properties such as disease resistance and environmental stress. The genomic information obtained through these activities has been released in research papers and database.

Characteristics of our research

  At the Kazusa DNA Research Institute, we have determined the genome sequences of plants (crops) such as Lotus japonicus (a model plant of the Fabaceae), tomato, jatropha, and eucalyptus. In general, genome sequences of crops with high polyploidy, high heterozygosity, and large size are difficult to determine because of their complicated genome structures. We aim to determine such genome sequences by applying computational techniques. In addition, we have been constructing a portal site, PGDBj (http://pgdbj.jp), to integrate databases related to plant omics studies. Information related to DNA markers of 55 kinds of plants has been collected by manual curation of the literature. These activities, focusing on varieties of plants, are primary topics of interest in our research group.

Expected fields of application

  Genome and polymorphism data obtained in our studies have been released via research papers and databases. In addition, we have been constructing a portal site, PGDBj, which cross-references systems against plant omics databases to efficiently supply genome and DNA marker information to researchers. Based on these activities, we anticipate that this genome information will be used widely, in both basic research and industry, in applications such as identification of varieties and breeding selection.


Hideki Hirakawa group leader hh at kazusa.or.jp
Satoshi Tabata chief researcher tabata at kazusa.or.jp
Hideki Nagasaki research scientist nagasaki at kazusa.or.jp