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Bioresources team

About our research

Purpose of our research

 The research activities of the Kazusa DNA Research Institute have resulted in the accumulation of a large body of bioresources, such as genomic resources and antibodies. Many researchers and scientists in academic and industrial organizations hope to use such resources for their own work. Obtaining these resources separately requires a great deal of labor and time. Therefore, we process these valuable resources, convert them into more convenient formats, and then provide them to bioindustry along with the know-how to use them skillfully. To make use of the results of our research activities for the benefit of society, we are engaged in resource distribution projects and related experimental contracts. Because these projects require adequate funds, it is important to make a sufficient profit by setting proper prices for our services.

Characteristics of our research

 The Kazusa DNA Research Institute has been cooperating with Promega Corp. in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, a sister city of Chiba prefecture. By combining our resources and techniques for manipulating large cDNAs using Flexi cloning and HaloTag technology from Promega, we developed novel valuable tools for genetic analysis. A major activity of our team is a project for distributing and expanding these resources. In addition, we are conducting experimental contracts named “genomics contracts”, which are based on the technical experience we accumulated during development. We place a high priority on responding flexibly to customers from the researcher’s perspective, and making an effort to meet customers’ demands.

Expected fields of application

 The genetic resources of the Kazusa DNA Research Institute are highly reliable, especially in the context of sequence information. Therefore, customers can simply trust and use these resources, which are much larger than the resources many researchers routinely handle. In addition, the HaloTag technology in Promega is an outstanding tool for genetic research. By uniting these items, we have generated excellent new genetic resources that incorporate information from many kinds of genes. By using these resources, researchers easily obtain and use the desired genetic resources as common reagents for used in their studies. Today, researchers not only in academia but also in the pharmaceutical/bioindustrial sectors actively use these resources, and the results obtained from their use are being applied to academic research and the development of commercial products that are useful to our lives.


Hisashi Yamakawa team leader yamakawa at kazusa.or.jp
Noriko Okazaki special researcher nokazaki at kazusa.or.jp