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Outline of our achievements

Biomass Team

About our research

Purpose of our research

 There are growing concerns about global warming caused by increase in carbon dioxide level come from burning of fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas and so on). On the other hand, carbon dioxide level would be neutral even though we use organic materials derived from plant body (biomass) as burning energy, because plant performs photosynthesis using energy in sunlight and carbon dioxide and maintains their bodies. We aim to make alternative fuels to the fossil fuels and chemical compounds replaced by chemical products.

Characteristics of our research

 We have been analyzing information of genetic and chemical ingredients of plants that are promising as biomass and providing the information to researchers who study biomass at practical level.

Expected fields of application

 The global warming that is thought to be caused by excessive use of fossil fuels is a worldwide big problem. If it would be possible to produce practical fuels from biomass, it is thought that our activity would bring up new industries lead to a huge contribution to society.


Daisuke Shibata team leader shibata at kazusa.or.jp
Migiwa Takeda special researcher takeda at kazusa.or.jp