Release notes

  • 2013/10/2 Version 1.2 was updated and supports Windows 8.
    The program has been checked by ESET Smart Security Version.6.0.308.0 (8857 20130929) at 2013/9/30.
  • 2010/5/6 Version 1.2 was released!
    Gel image view option was updated. View -> Band character: Display of band characters on a gel image Zoomable gel image.
    Installer was updated. No need to install the two programs ‘Open Computer Vision Library (OpenCV)” and “Visual Studio 2005” prior to installation of PolyansSetup.exe.
  • 2009/1/30 Installer was updated.
    Automatic function for adding the Open CV folder to System variable Path was added.
  • 2008/12/19 Version 1.02 was updated
  • 2008/ 8/26 Version 1.0 was released!

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