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MassDifFinder is a tool for finding pairs of metabolite peaks which have specified mass differences. The tool is useful, for example, for finding potential sulfate conjugates (the mass difference is 79.9568) in the metabolite peaks in the blood which are derived from the peaks in the intake of food materials.

MassDifFinder is a Java-based command-line tool. Peak data should be prepared as peak lists and the search parameters are given in setting files. The results are provided as a text file.


Link to this page:

Use the URL below to cite MassDifFinder.

OK: http://www.kazusa.or.jp/komics/software/MassDifFinder

Do not use the URL written in the address bar of your borwser. The URL might be changed in future.

NG: http://www.kazusa.or.jp/komics/ja/tool-ja/240-massdiffinder-2.html

Computer requirements:

A PC with Java runtime environment (JRE version 1.8 or later) is required. See Oracle's website for installation of Java.

We tested the tools using followign PCs:
Windows10, MacOSX, CentOS 7.5


MassDifFinder_1.0.1.zip (zip compressed: 249 KB, Updated on 11 March 2019)


Under preparation


MassDifFinder is available free of charge for acadimic purpose.


Version Info.:

11 March 2019
- First public release.