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The latest version of PowerGet (ver. 3.3.6) is released. The tool is a data analysis tool for liquid chromatography - high-resolution mass spectrometory.

A powerful "Group Filter" function is added to PowerMatch, which provides sample group based filtering of the alignments. For example, users can show only the alignments that include at least 2 samples out of triplicated analyses of sample A that have peaks with MS/MS data.

PowerGet is updated to version 3.3.5. A bug in network connections of the MFSearcher module was fixed.

MFSearcher is the web service for rapid prediction of elemental compositions of compounds from mass values detected by mass spectrometers. MFSearcher also provides the function to search compounds by mass values against major compund databases. 

Searching aganins LIPID MAPS is now opened.

The Publication list was updated. Some articles were added.

FragmentAlign is a data analysis tool for GC-MS. The latest version, FragmentAlign 1.18.0 is released.

  • The data import function supports the format of AMDIS intermediate file ".ELU".

The MatchedIonsFinder_MSMS module in the data revising tool for peak alignments, MatchedIonsFinder, is updated to version 1.3. Division by zero errors have occurred when MSMS data that have single fragments were processed to correlation coefficient calculations. The bug is fixed in the current version.

SpiceHit is a data analysis tool for SIM analysis by CE-MS. We released the latest verion of it, SpiceHit 2.1.

  • A batch processing function was added.
  • The 64 bit Java VM on 64 bit Windows OS was supported.


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