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ARTRAdatabase contains transcriptome and gene-specific sequences for DNA microarray and RNAi knockdown triggers for Arabidopsis. The requirement of user registration to access this site has been removed, and any users can browse the site freely.

ShiftedIonsFinderShiftedIonsFinder is an analytical tool (GUI program) for finding peaks having specified mass differences by comparing the mass spectra in two data sets obtained using chromatography-accurate mass spectrometry. This tool enables the user to select candidate labeled peaks by comparing a sample that is labeled with a stable isotope with an unlabeled sample. It is also easy to select peaks that may have been modified by hydration, glycosylation, or acylation. Since the search results can be output in Excel or text file format, the user can perform further analysis or edit the list as needed.


New KomicMarket Temporary Website We are developing a new version of KomicMarket, a metabolome database. A download function of metabolome data is implementing to the new site. Prior to the completion of the new site, we opened a temporary website to distribute the metabolome data in files. The data are written in a simple format named the Togo Metabolome Data format (TogoMD).

The following KaPPA-View4 services are resumed on a temporal servier.

Although these services are provided on a temporaly server, the data put on the temporaly servier are going to be inherited to the original server when it restored completely. So you can use these services as if they are the original ones.

The completion of restoring the original server can take much longer time than we expected (in this month). 

- For Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) users

Turn on the Compatibility View Button of IE10. The button appears at the right of the address bar. If it's turned off, some components including the "Selected Experiment" panel of the "Analysis" function aren't displayed properly.


Due to a server failure, all the KaPPA-View related services are currently unavaliable.

We are doing our best to restore the system in this month. Sorry for inconvinience.



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