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Food Metabolome Repository

Food Metabolome Repository, which contains information of all peaks including unknowns obtained from more than 100 Japanese foods using LC-MS, is now available. The specificity of samples for an unknown compound of your interest may help further annotation and identification of the compound.



MassChroViewer tool is released. This is a 2-Dimensional data viewer for quality checking of LC-MS data. Retention time, m/z, and intensity of the ions in raw data (mzXML format) are visualized as x-axis, y-axis and strength of color. Zooming in/out and moving of the view area can be changed as Google-Map like mouse operations. The functions for overlay the extracted peaks, checking mass differences, MS/MS data browsing, compound database searching, browsing chemical structure of candidate compounds, and mass calculation of selected substructure can be used to check the quality of raw data and processed data.


A new search tool UC2 (Unique Connectivity of UnCharged compound database) is released at MFSearcher database. A java based GUI tool is also available. UC2 database can search both neutral and charged compounds in a single query, and compounds with the same connectivity of atoms are compiled in a single result.

PowerGetThe latest version of PowerGet (ver. 3.5.8) is released, including following updates.


Types of mzXML files acceptable by File Converter tool is expanded. File Converter tool accepts mzXML files that include MS1 (and MS2) data obtained from Thermo's MS and MS1 data obtained from Waters', Agilent's, and Sciex's MS generated by ProteoWizard software.

See the version info included in the download file (doc/version_en.txt) for details.

PowerGetThe latest version of PowerGet (ver. 3.5.7) is released, including following updates.


Bugs of the MFSearcher and Fileconverter modules were fixed.

See the version info included in the download file (doc/version_en.txt) for details.

PowerGetThe latest version of PowerGet (ver. 3.5.5) is released, including following updates.


1) Setting for network proxy was implemented. If you had trouble in MFSearcher searching, it might be solved.
2) Users can disable the auto-grouping of 13C isotope peaks.
3) A bug of the table filter in PowerMatch that the filter by intensity has not properly functioned is fixed.

See the version info included in the download file (doc/version_en.txt) for details and the operations.

ShiftedIonsFinderShiftedIonsFinder for finding peak pairs having specified mass differences between two sample data is updated. The latest version (1.1.6) includes the following improvements.


1) Run on MacOS X
2) In addition to MS Excel, tab delimited text can be selected as an output format.

ARTRAdatabase contains transcriptome and gene-specific sequences for DNA microarray and RNAi knockdown triggers for Arabidopsis. The requirement of user registration to access this site has been removed, and any users can browse the site freely.


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