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CoP is a database management system for understanding plant gene function by associating between co-expressed genes and biological processes in plants. Information on biological processes is based on Gene Ontology biological process. CoP is composed of multiple databases that are based on information about gene co-expression, specific gene expression, biological process, metabolic pathway and are mutually interconnected. The omics data in CoP were obtained from the NCBI, TAIR, and GRAMENE databases. Co-expression analyses in CoP were executed using the Confeito algorithm (Ogata et al., Genome Informatics , 23:117-127, 2009; not yet available on line), an approach based on co-expression network analysis.


Ogata Y et al. (2010) Bioinformatics 26: 1267-1268 
Ogata Y et al. (2009) Genome Informatics 23: 117-127

URL: webs2.kazusa.or.jp/kagiana/cop0911



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