The Kazusa Metabolomics Portal


The database for metabolite annotations of the peaks that were detected in metabolome analyses.

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The web service for rapid predicition of chemical formula and rapid database searching from accurate mass values.

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The database/management system that is specified to manage "metadata" for experimental data obtained through the metabolomics studies.

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MS-MS Fragment Viewer

The database for MS/MS fragments and their predicted attribution to the molecular structures. Currently data for 115 flavonoids are available.

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The database for co-expressions of gene and metabolites in Arabidopsis cell cultures. The data were obtained by DNA microarray analyses and metabolome analysis of a series of transgenic lines of Arabidopsis T87 cell lines.

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The database of the co-expressing gene groups in Arabidopsis, rice, soybean, barley, wheat, maize, poplar, and grape, that were calculated by the Confeito algorithm with a huge number of public microarray data.

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