Jatropha Genome Database

General Feature

Assembly statistics
Total length of contigs and singlets 285,858,490
Total number of contigs and singlets 150,417
Average length of contigs and singlets 1,900
Maximum length of contigs and singlets 29,744
N50 3,833
GC content 34.3

Number of contigs (JcCA) 32,212
Number of contigs (JcCB) 60,363
Number of contigs (JcCC) 2,483
Number of contigs (JcCD) 25,528
Number of singlets (JcSR) 26,819
Number of singlets (JcPR) 1,347
Number of BAC end sequences (JHL/JHS/JMS) 1,665

Total number of contigs 120,586
Total length of contigs 276,710,623
Average length of contigs 2,295

Total number of singlets 29,831
Total length of singlets 9,147,867
Average length of singlets 307