Jatropha Genome Database

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Genome Sequence: Jcr4U30824
Results of Blast2 searches (The best-hits are tabulated.):
database Accession Score Iden
trembl C0LEB8_9ROSI 262 100.0 100.0 (tr|C0LEB8) ORF126 OS=Jatropha curcas GN=ORF126 PE=4 SV=1
Arabidopsis_pep --No_Hits--        
soybean_pep --No_Hits--        
Medicago_pep --No_Hits--        
grape_pep --No_Hits--        
castor_bean_cds --No_Hits--        
castor_bean_pep --No_Hits--        
JAT_unigene contig07475 521 100.0 100.0 length=2805 numreads=63 gene=isogroup02384 status=isotig
A list of protein families, domains and functional sites (searches in InterPro)
No data.