Ordering Information of Kazusa Original Clone(s)
- for Foreign Institutes -

Caution: Orders from Japan are not received here. Please visit this site for ordering.
Clone Request

Kazusa Original clone(s) are available from Kazusa DNA Research Institute. If you needs the clones, please contact us at "clone-office AT kazusa.or.jp".

Material Delivery Service

We entrusted the shipment of cDNA Clones to Kazusa Genome Technologies Inc.(KGT).
Please contact KGT (flexiclone AT kazusagt.com) if you have any questions for shipment and billing infomation.

Clone prices and settlement

You can get Kazusa Original clone(s) at US$400/clone plus freight and handling charge, which is subject to regions; Euro countries at US$25 per shipment, North America at US$20, Africa/Latin America at US$30 and Asia at US$15.

Payment by wire transfer (check as an exception) upon receipt of clone delivery is only acceptable. Our banking information is available in the billing invoice.


We ship the Plasmid DNA (~0.1ug/10ul in a vial) dissolved in TE. It is stable even at room temperature during distribution. It is however recommended to store the DNA at -20 degree centigrade for long-term storage.

We will prepare and ship theclone(s) you requested by Japan Post's EMS service in three to five weeks. If your country restricts import of cDNA clones, please let us know.

We recommend customers to transform the plasmid DNA in the appropriate host cells and to use its progeny, because the delivered plasmid DNA may be contaminated with genomic DNA of E. coli. We also recommend customers to confirm if the delivered plasmid DNA contains your desired sequence by digestion of the progeny using appropriate restriction endonuclease(s).